Ağustos 15, 2016

Facebook: 1, Ad Blockers 0

By Damian Blackden WW CSO

Damian Blackden

Damian Blackden


Facebook have taken on Ad Blockers, and Damian Blackden is here to explain what it means for brands in this edition of The Change Briefing.

What’s changed

Facebook recently announced that it’s preventing ad blockers from being effective on its desktop version. This is being achieved by making the ads well integrated into the content and page framework.

Meanwhile it’s simultaneously introducing updated and improved ad preference controls for users.

Facebook claims that the new format and approach addresses users’ issues with ads, and therefore the reasons they use ad blockers. Thus they believe that it’s reasonable to show ads to those who use ad blockers.

What the change means

Not as much as it initially appears, given that 84% of Facebook traffic is through its app, which remains unaffected by ad blockers.

So this latest development could be viewed more as a statement of intent. Nevertheless Facebook’s desktop audience is sufficiently size-able to warrant the initiative.

Implications for advertisers

One could interpret this as ad re-insertion, or blocker busting – which we don’t support, as if a person is blocking ads then they will not be warm to those which are then shown to them.

However this is a slightly different scenario. Unlike most publishers Facebook has ad preference controls, which it’s now made even better. And it’s focused on making the ad and content viewing experience very consumer-centric.

Advertisers therefore have a choice of whether to remove such desktop inventory from media buys, but we recommend evaluating its actual performance vs other inventory before considering whether to dismiss it or not.